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Professional Workshops


Friday, June 21st: "Assessing and Handling Fragile Adult Clients"
                             6.0 clinical CEUS approved by NASW-LA; LCA pending
                                                      8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
                                       (Come 8:00-8;30 for networking breakfast)
8:30-10:15           Traits of Fragile Adults; Clusters A, B and C Personality Disorders

10:15-10:30          Break
10:30-12:15          Key Skills: bonding, structure, reality testing, and respecting/providing                                             consequences
12:15-1:00            Lunch on your own or brown bag here
1:00-2:30            Cluster Bs and Cluster Cs fall in love: managing Messy Emoters (Bs) and
                          Inhibited Dependents (Cs)
2:30-2:45            Break
2:45-3:45             Role-plays and fishbowl to practice skills
3:45-4:00            Q&A, evaluations and attendance certificates

Cost: $100. Email to register by NOON Friday June 14th!

Saturday, July 20th: "Think Outside the Triangle"
3.0 clinical CEUS applied for with NASW-LA and LCA

8:30-9:00              Networking breakfast

                            9:00-9:30              The Drama Triangle--roles and games

                                                                9:30-10:30            Shifting the narrative to empowerment: Victim to Creator,                                                                      Persecutor to Challenger, Rescuer to Coach
                                                            10:30-10:45          BREAK
                                            10:45-12:15           Vignettes and roleplays for practice and support
                         Cost: $65. Register: click on EVENTS tab

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