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My Approach

I practice under Louisiana Board of Supervisors of Social Work (LABSWE) license #2767 and am a member in good standing of this and several other professional organizations.

Please see my CV here.

I named my business “Strategies For Change” because I believe that decision-making is one of our greatest human powers.   Change may be forced upon us–the death of a loved one; an unwanted divorce– or  change may be something we desire but don’t know how to effect. This is the part of life I’m most excited by, and what I love helping people address.

My style is very much “therapy with a coaching edge,” to use Lynn Grodzki’s term. I’ll tell you what I think and why I think it, while I support you in your journey through change. I’ll work to make every hour you spend in my office productive. I want you to leave thinking, “Wow, I figured out how to make my next step!”

My husband is a clinical psychologist (Dr. Alan Taylor), and we’ve managed to work in the same office (under our separate businesses) for more than twenty years.  We relax by gardening, traveling, being Lolly and Baba to our grandkids, and appreciating  this great adventure called Life.

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