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Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy in Baton Rouge

 Specializing in Helping Adults, Couples, and Families with Strategies to Sort Out Complicated and Often Conflicting Needs and Goals

Individual Psychotherapy

60 Minutes | $180 Per Session

Since 1990, I have counseled people with mood disorders, childhood trauma, adolescent issues, midlife issues, career or health stressors, and family problems. My theoretical foundations for such problems are family systems, rational-emotive therapy, and transactional analysis theory. Basically, if you think too much, I help you feel; if you feel too much, I help you think. I am not a hand-holding therapist, but I will offer support as I challenge you to meet your goals.

Commitment Counseling

60 Minutes | $180 Per Session

I help couples explore their family of origin issues, personality traits, values, and communication styles before they move in or marry. We will address finances, expectations regarding children, and any stepfamily dynamics if one or both of you are bringing children into this new relationship.

Couples & Family Counseling

60 Minutes | $180 Per Session

For already-committed couples and adults in complicated family patterns—such as elders whose grown children are overly dependent or share parenting responsibilities with the grandparents; adults whose parents interfere with family well-being; and stepfamily dynamics causing chronic conflict between households.

Fees & Insurance

Therapy services are offered on a private pay basis only; I do not accept insurance. My focus is on providing high-quality, personalized care without the limitations of insurance. While paying out of pocket may raise some concerns, I assure you of exceptional service customized to meet your needs. Without insurance constraints, I can tailor treatment plans to suit you best. Opting for private pay also means keeping your diagnosis codes confidential from insurers, safeguarding your privacy.


If you prefer to use insurance, visit to find a local provider in network with your carrier.

No Surprises Act Notice

Under the law, you have the right to get a "Good Faith Estimate" for your medical and mental health care expenses. Providers must give uninsured patients or those not using insurance an estimate of costs, including psychotherapy. You can ask for this estimate from your provider before scheduling. If the bill exceeds the estimate by $400, you can challenge it. Save a copy of your estimate for reference. For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit or call 800-985-3059.

Gain Strategies To Grow & Thrive

Schedule an appointment and start your journey to relationship healing and growth.

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