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Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy in Baton Rouge

Empowering Adults and Supporting Complicated Families in Achieving Goals and Healthy Relationships

Adulting is difficult, and life is complicated, so seeking help is smart! I counsel adults who are interested in facing their internal conflicts, setting personal goals, and improving their ability to make and sustain healthy relationships. Learn to regulate your emotions, communicate your desires clearly, and think about conflicts creatively and generously. Let's work on some strategies for change!



Therapy & Counseling

Meet yourself and others with compassion and curiosity, and take time to address the issues that keep you from living the full life you want.


Professional Events

Empower your professional practice with continuing education specifically designed for mental health counselors who serve individuals and families.



Discover online communities, apps, books, and various resources tailored for individuals navigating complex relationships and family dynamics.


Leslie Todd, LCSW, ACSW

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I help adults and complicated families:

  • Recover and rebalance from breakups and other losses

  • Discover your stepfamily dynamics and how to thrive, not merely survive

  • Choose new paths and goals and promote the behavior to get you there

  • Adjust to new life circumstances, chosen or (likely) not

  • Understand your temperament so you can relate to others peaceably

Since 1990, I‘ve been devoted to helping people create strategies for change to heal from life’s disruptions, repair damaged relationships, protect their children from adult conflicts, and move on with peaceful hearts.  I would love to help you, too!


Gain Strategies To Grow & Thrive

Schedule an appointment and start your journey to relationship healing and growth.

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