Public Classes

Modern Family 101

Modern families have complicated lives, often including grandparents serving as parents, or same-gender partners with children birthed by one partner or born during a previous marriage. Americans change partners much more often than in any other country, and this is contributing to young adults having difficulty finishing their educations and getting good jobs. Therefore, I created “Modern Family 101,” a series of two-hour classes which cover many of the topics young adults worry about. Each class costs $30 per person, and they are offered on a weekday evening in Baton Rouge. Class topics include:

  1. Anger Management for Couples: How to Argue Productively (course cost is per person, not per couple)

  2. Step-Family Dynamics in Custody Disputes

  3. Step-Mothering: The Hardest Role

  4. Grandparents “Helping” Parents: What Are the Limits?

Please see the Events Calendar to find the next class dates that interest you.